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The Tears of Nero Available Now

18 Mar


From the author of The Maze comes a new novel of spiritual warfare, supernatural mystery, and suspense. Five strangers on a mysterious island are stalked by a madman who calls himself Nero after the crazed Roman Emperor. A clandestine society known as the Slaves of Solomon search for an ancient secret hidden on the island. Rumors abound that one of the angels mentioned in the Book of Revelation is secreted in one of the island’s limestone caves. Are Nero’s murderous games merely the whimsy of a madman or is there something more at work? Are the Slaves of Solomon striving to protect humankind or destroy it? Is there really an angel on the island somewhere or is that story a cover up used to protect the Slaves of Solomon‘s true purpose? Come to the island and find out why God allows bad things to happen to good people!



Kutless-Beyond The Surface

1 Jul

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the kinds of songs that might make for a fitting soundtrack for The Maze. If you’ve read The Maze, you will remember Darrell Gene Rankin (hearer of voices, low-level bad guy who does whatever he’s told, damaged soul searching for the truth, pawn in a game between good and evil). This song fits him and his story perfectly, right down to the final confrontation in The Maze (yes, I’m referring to the knife!).

So, if you’ve read the book, check this song out and see if you can’t visualize some of the scenes from The Maze. If you haven’t read the book, what are you waiting for?

Want a free signed copy of The Maze?

22 Jun

My new novel, The Maze, is out in paperback now.  Wanna know a way to get a free copy?  Head on over to my website at http://www.jasonbrannon.us.  Currently, there is a giveaway at Goodreads going on and one through Rafflecopter.  Check ’em out.  Register for both.